Monday, March 12, 2018


On the eve of our 3rd Nor'easter in a week and a half, I went woodcocking in earnest and after almost four hours of searching every patch of woodsy thaw I came across, I finally found this beautiful bird.  Woodcocks like tree cover to protect them from above, but they also like worms, and with all the snow we've gotten, I suspect life has not been easy for these early arrivals.  I scared up a couple of birds in the past few days unwittingly, but I saw this one before he got too nervous and he stayed absolutely still while I took my photos.  After a couple minutes he slowly wandered a little deeper into cover.

American Woodcock

American Woodcock

Carolina Wren
This wren has been hanging out at Pond Cove in Cape E. most of the winter.  Without a doubt the loudest bird on the beach.

loudest bird in the hood

Northern Cardinal 

Northern Mockingbird

a very early Yellow-rumped Warbler


Common Goldeneye

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