Sunday, February 18, 2018

Downeast Boomerang

There's so much of Maine I have never explored, so I took advantage of an opportunity and drove out to Eastport.  I was partly chasing a bird, but mostly just wanting to see what I could find at the end of the road.   I headed east out of Bangor on rte 9 and after an hour found myself on a high plateau of blueberry barrens.

crowish Raven

Definitely a Raven

very serious Bald Eagles
I finally made it into Eastport with about 1 hour of daylight left.  Eastport is virtually an island, connected to the mainland by a  causeway that at high tide not much wider than a 2 lane road.   At low tide, it is surrounded by expansive mud flats.  If you ever drive all the way to Eastport to chase a Mew Gull, make sure you get there at high tide. 
Downtown are a couple of fishing wharves, from which you will get good looks at Black Guillemots. They aren't nearly as shy as the ones we get down south.  

Black Guillemot

looking for dinner...

down goes the Guillemot

This lovely lady wasn't very shy either.  Thats Campobello, Canada in the background.   

Saturday evening in downtown Eastport is a subdued event.

downtown Eastport
Red-necked Grebe


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